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Why is Pay-Per-Click Important?

No matter the size, goal, or industry of your company, Pay-Per-Click (Google Ads [previously Google AdWords], Bing Ads & Facebook) advertising is always a smart direction. We believe PPC advertising is one of the best acquisition channels in digital marketing. PPC gives you instantly targeted traffic, pointing your ads directly to the consumers you want to bring in, and with the right keywords driving to the relevant ad copy pointing to your landing page, you can reach your target demographic at a time when they’re ready to buy. PPC turns your potential audience into revenue. It can promote brand awareness, find a new market for your business, boost your website’s ability to sell, and even supplement your organic traffic in the process. The clear goal of a pay-per-click campaign is to drive qualified traffic to convert.

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Planning & Strategy

Upon initial engagement, we’ll review your sales and marketing processes to determine a strategic approach.
Here’s our process:

  1. Discovery – What does success look like to you? Set the line you’d like us to reach.
  2. Setup – What are the best platforms to place ads to help you reach your goal?
  3. Keyword Research – What keywords drive your business online?
  4. Ad Copy Testing – What messaging resonates with our audience?

We manage PPC campaigns for a myriad of clients and have seen remarkable results over the years. Since this is an integral part of your online digital strategy we’ve kept this channel scalable and strategic since no two accounts are alike.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

As Facebook, Instagram & TikTok continues to dominate social media, we have seen success across all verticals within our social media advertising campaigns. With the intent positioned to become the leader for online videos by 2020, Facebook is improving speed and upload times and viewing quality for video ads taking it to another level. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithms and remarketing tactics for targeted audiences allow you to not only reach your target demographic, but to retarget to potential and previous customers. Working within this platform and staying up to date with new features, we can help you manage and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns, and with continual testing, improve performance over time

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