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Website Hosting: Safe. Secure. Reliable. Fast.

What is “Website Hosting”?

Website Hosting is basically where your website lives. You need a host for your website to be alive and show itself on the web. And you have choices when it comes to choosing your website hosting.

Sure, you can choose to save a few bucks and go with a basic host over on Godaddy or other places, but the prices that you see are for extremely basic “shared” hosting that is not secure or very reliable. But for most of our clients, they choose to host with us because of our secure VPS servers and hosting packages.

Why choose an all in one, one stop option like hosting with us at Native? Well, for one, our hosting servers are secure, and not shared. They are managed by us. Another reason is that if you don’t host with us, every time your site slows down or is infected with malware, you’ll need to sit on the phone with the hosting company’s support, trying to figure out how to fix the issue. And these calls are often long, complicated and there is often a language barrier as well.

When you host with us here at Native, we are the people you call, and it is a lot easier for us to handle the issue for you as we are in control.

Call us.


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Planning & Strategy

On our initial contact with you, we will discuss the wants and needs for you and your company, and a strategy and plan to create what your basic vision is.

And a great way to get started is by clicking the button below to visit our client questionnaire. Not only will it help you to answer questions you didn’t know you had, but it will also help us to get a better picture on what it is that you’re looking for in a website.

Add On Hosting Services

In addition to our Basic & Secure level hosting plans, we also offer the following add on options.

SiteLock – Added Site Security
Website Maintenance (Monthly)
Site Backups (Daily)
SSL Certificate
ADA Compliance
SEO Website Designer